Thursday, 8 September 2011

Love Can't Be Forced

I quote this title from a website… :) But the sentence really really true.
Love should be sincere. It should be honest and straightforward. No force. No bowed to.
Love is as innocent as doves, you should love whole-heartedly.
if your love is only one-sided…. then you cannot force the other person to love you back just because you love him/her.
I quote a little part of poem from a website….
So I guess I’ll just be admiring you from a distance
There are a lot of things I don’t understand
But one thing I know for sure
I may mean nothing to you
And no matter how stupid this feeling can get
I’m never ashamed to admit it’s true
Coz no matter how hopeless, no matter how painful
God knows I’m happy when I can feel LOVE
I know how it feels to love and I know how it feels to be loved.
But what you all must looking for now is mutual feeling… both-sided love....So Both Sides can live Happily Ever After..~!

I Post this for let one of my friend know..that..LoVe CanT Be Forced..

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